Wooden AxeEdit

Wooden Axe
A Wooden Axe is primarily a weapon used in combat to kill zombies, it is stronger than a Machete but is heavier and has an increased charging time. The axe can also be used to chop down bushes that are trying to prevent the player from advancing to a new staging area if he/she is not well equipped!

The axe makes a good starting weapon and provides the player with an extended area of 'swing' which allows multiple zombie kills from just one click!

The Axe can also be used to cut up or alter many items in the same way the Machete can such as turning the Truck Tire into Tire Strips

Materials needed:

Wooden Stick, Flint, Hardware Kit

An upgraded version of the Wooden Axe, the Iron Axe, can be created by swapping out the Wooden Stick for an Iron Stick.