Selection of media first looks, hadns on and previews on the game

E3 1st looksEdit

Destructoid - What sold me on the premise more than anything, I think, was that the zombies didn't merely exist to be killed -- to make you feel like a badass…. The other standout feature for me was that the extensive crafting system allows you to uncombine items at any point free of penalty. That kind of freedom is always appreciated, especially as someone who would never experiment with weapons otherwise. As familiar as How to Survive initially looks, in practice, there's nothing quite like it. Perhaps it's the pacing.”-

The Escapist – “How to Survive is isometric, which is a novel throwback to some of my favorite games of old. It's also a zombie survival game, which is another mark in its favor, at least in my book….. How to Survive will be niche, but it will thoroughly engage the audience that it is aimed at.” -

Total PlayStation – “The game was surprisingly deeper than we thought it would be….. After seeing the game in action it quickly went from something we hadn't ever heard of to something we're very excited to play all the way through.” -

GameFront - It’s called How to Survive, it’s a top down ARPG/survival sim mash-up from 505 Games, and I can’t wait to play it again….. I found the overall crafting element in How to Survive to be much deeper than I expected and really fun. Mixing and matching seemingly random items to create something new kept me invested and interested in exploring every square inch of the island to find more stuff…. I definitely plan on checking the game out on my own and with a buddy…. it has the potential to be a fun genre mash-up and a surprise hit.” -

Co-Optimus – “ How to Survive offers a different experience for zombie game veterans. While the core gameplay is very arcadey (in a good way), maintaining your health, hunger, thirst, and sleep stats gives the whole thing a sense of urgency. I think it will be a lot of fun with a friend.”

Gamer Horizon – “The game also looked great, as you can see in the screen shots. What you can’t see in these screens shots is how smooth character animations are…… With a surprisingly deep crafting system, good graphics, fun combat, and a robust leveling system, How to Survive jumped towards the top of my “Must Play” list for the fall/” -


Technology Tell -  

GamrReview – “ This is looking good and I'll be eager to see the final version this fall.” -  


 Kyle Wadsworth/Game Informer Community Blogger – “In general, this game incorporates many elements from my favorite zombie games and seemingly without some of their problems. I look forward to its Fall release on Steam, XBL, PSN and WiiU.”

ElectricSistaHood/EGMNOW partner – “Surviving the zombie apocalypse seems to be something that is on a lot of people’s minds. Even in video games, it seems like there are quite a few titles that mainly focus on staying alive after the undead take over the Earth. Most of the time, the focus of this is making sure you’ve got the wares to be able to protect yourself from the masses of ghouls. While this is certainly important, there is one part that I feel is often overlooked: your basis survival needs. This is a fact that How to Survive takes into account to provide you with a more immersive zombie survival experience.” -


Gamespot - “ This game has a great sense of humor” -

GamesRadar - “While most games have you maintain a single health bar, you'll have to keep your hunger, thirst, and tiredness in check as well. You'll also have to find clean water, hunt the local wildlife, and even cook your food which uses the game's intricate crafting system” - - “(upon Attractive Molotov explanation) It sounds so awesome… It seems like crafting is a big part of this game…” -