Picky MonkeysEdit

There are 12 monkeys on the archipelago, and each one will give you a small quest to accomplish. You have to do all 12 of them. These aren't in order, but the challenges are:

Los RicosEdit

1) Last Meal - Kill an emu or a deer and take the fresh meat. Cook it to make steak. Mix the steak with mushrooms to make steak and mushrooms and give that to him.

2) Golden Plant - Inside the safe room on the same island you get the quest on.

3) Monkey Bag - Get an animal skin by killing a deer. Mix it with a reel.

La VendidaEdit

4) Find three exotic fruits - They're all over the place, you might even have them on you when you start the quest.

5) Cooked Special White Plant - The white plants are very common, just take one to a fire and cook it.

6) Lemonade - Mix a bottle of water and an exotic fruit together.

La SanadaEdit

7) Green Beef Soda - Mix a bottle of water and a guarana plant together to make a drink, and then use a compressor on that.

8) Find the golden chalices - Again, they're scattered in that general area. Not terribly hard to find. If anyone remembers the exact locations, I'll edit them in.

9) Fish & Chips - Use the reel, a hardware kit, and the flexible branch (in that order) to make a fishing pole. Go fishing, dawn and dusk are the best times to catch something. Cook the fish. Mix the cooked fish with a cassava root.

Santa BarbaraEdit

10) Find the Santa Barbara statue - It's in one of the safe rooms on the same island that you get the quest on.

11) Find the four crab statues - They're all on the west side of the island, not too hard to find. See below for the exact locations.

12) Find the golden cat statue - It's inside a nearby chicken egg game (a tall, thin wooden box with a chicken on it) up a hill to the north.


--Crab Locations (thanks to Nikolai420)--
1. Behind the monkey on a ledge. You gotta burn/cut bushes to get down there.
2. Directly northwest of the monkey. It's on the same platform that the monkey is on.
3. There's a safe house not far from the monkey with a shed that has to be blown up.
4. Just northeast of the monkey is a few piranha. To the north of them is a campfire, wooden structure and gas tank. Behind the tank is a path follow this path to the final crab and an herb!

Thanks to MMMDI